Summer Camp

Get Ready for Summer Camp 2018!

Just because school is closed for holidays does not mean that learning has to stop. Our summer learning programme is packed with activities to provide a wonderful opportunity for your child to experience all the fun and excitement of ‘Summer Camp’.

Our camp focuses on to improve learning opportunities for children to promote skill development and build confidence.

Each day your child will participate in a wide variety of activities made of a perfect combination of active and relaxed activities. Such as:

  1. Morning Wave

  2. Indoor & Outdoor Play

  3. Music & Movement

  4. Sand & Water Play

  5. Arts & Crafts

  6. Cooking & Baking

  7. Beading

  8. Science Experiments

  9. Revision Classes

  10. Learn Yoruba

Some of the benefits of our Summer Camp are smaller classes and an informal setting. Our teachers are highly qualified and trained. It is a great opportunity to give your kids a head start to the next school session.

Our field trips to Lekki conservation and IMAX Cinema are designed to provide children with additional learning opportunities outside the Standard educational environment.

Dates:     July 16th Monday – 27th July Friday 2018

Time:       9am – 1pm

Ages:       3 Months-10 Years

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